dear friend

Yay! You made it here! I'm Brenda *handshake*, and i'm going to help you get super lean, fit & healthy.
And no,i will Not tell you to cut carbs, eat cardboard, or count calories (i have Not counted a calorie in years. Seriously.)

We don't know each other, but I know thousands of women just like you. You're a daughter, or mother, or aunt, or friend. You work hard, you love hard, and you give your time and energy to the people you care about...and you deserve to look and feel vibrant and healthy when you wake up in the morning.

You deserve to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

You know those infomercials for exercise gizmos? You know the ones I'm talking about. The AB BELTS, the Magic Twisters, the Body By Joker...the commercials filled with outlandish promises, lies, photoshopped testimonials and ridiculous prices...

You deserve the knowledge that puts you above these commercials.

When I'm done with you, you'll be able to watch these commercials and laugh at them. You will never again have a need or want for any "magic" pill, potion, or exercise gadget.

I Will Give You Fat Loss Secrets that
Will Change Your Body, Energy Levels
And Turn ON Your Metabolism

The first secret I want to give to you is that DIETS DO NOT WORK. Let's stop the madness right now. HCG, Atkins, Kellogs Diet, Jenny Craig, Cabbage Soup, Seattle Sutton, NutriSystem...really...if I could speak with the creators of these "Diets" I would ask them how they sleep at night.

They charge hundreds of dollars to plop a box of astronaut food at your door. Food that's devoid of any nutrients, at 1,200 calorie a day.

Paying for these diet plans is like paying someone to starve you, fill you with funky junky ingredients, and possibly cause metabolic damage!

You'd be better off paying for the roller coaster rides at a theme park before going through the metabolic roller coaster that these diets put you on.

Jenny Craig and Seattle Sutton are NOT going to teach you how to grocery shop...and if you want to get into the real nitty-gritty of the situation...go into one of these establishments and ASK THEM what is in the "food" they sell.

Seriously.... Ask them why they add "MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE" ...ask them why every single meal has sugar or artificial flavors...ask them if they know the TERRIBLE effects these ingredients have on the body.

Then ask them why the long term success rates are so darn low.

Kirstey Alley, Whoppi Goldberg, and every other spokesperson gained back every pound they lost on these "insta meal" diets. If Kirstey Alley can't lose weight after getting paid Millions, you won't either.

And I will NEVER understand why people trust a celebrity that was paid a GAZILLION DOLLARS for an honest testimonial. If a company has to PAY someone to say how much weight they lost, you should run the other way as fast as possible.

Respect Your Body & It Will Respect You...
Fight With Your Body, & It Will Fight Back!

I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about food..and how to use food as a tool, not an enemy. Without food, you will always struggle with getting lean. Food is NOT the enemy.

Isn't that awesome news?!

Food can be your best friend, boosting your fat loss hormones, and enhancing your energy!

Food can also be your worst enemy. Eating the wrong things at the wrong time can zap your fat loss goals faster than you can say "Artificially Flavored, Sugar Filled Yoplait". *Gasp* Yoplait yogurt isn't healthy?!

Nope. And neither are cheerios or 100 calorie packs. These are just a few foods that women eat EVERY DAY, not realizing they're actually increasing their FAT STORING HORMONES!


I'm going to help you learn the difference between Lean Foods and Fat Gain Foods.

It's Not Just About Food,
It's About Hormones

Hormones transform the way you look and feel. Having balanced, healthy hormones is the only way to truly be the healthiest version of yourself. But it doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars to balance can do it with the right food..and removing the wrong foods.

Many women are hormonally imbalanced, experiencing PMS, foggy brain, acne, bloating, water retention, mood swings ...I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess you've had one or a few of those issues.

The great news is that dietary hormonal enhancement is one of the most powerful ways to get a hold of your hormones! And when your hormones are in balance, your body will shed fat without a fight.

This isn't a Quick Fix,
It's Something WAY better :)

You're NOT going to get a quick-fix-band-aid diet from me. I have bigger plans for you.

I REFUSE to put you on a diet, help you lose 60 lbs, and then watch you gain it ALL back over and over again. We're thinking bigger here!

I'm talking about giving you the keys to permanently change your body. And not just that, but give you a different perspective about what the getting Lean really means, and how to LIVE IT.

It's about more than looking good in a bikini (although you will look freakin' awesome).

It's about having total control of your body, and looking exactly the way you want to look. It's about having the tools you need to make permanent changes.

Screw diets and calories (*excuse my language*). Let's move on, let go of dieting, and get lean once and for all.

I've laid everything out for you with the Lean Secrets Program....

Lean Secrets Guidebook
The Ultimate Fat Loss Bible.


Over 200 pages of fat loss secrets that you never knew. The Lean Secrets Guidebook is a compilation of 9 years of knowledge, 10,000 hours of research, experimentation, and real life results.

Here's A Quick Summary of the Lean Secrets Fat Loss Bible!


  • Common Diet Mistakes - Which "diet" foods are actually making your fat cells EXPLODE and multiply like an evil army (Hint: You probably ate them today) eeep!
  • Fitness Industry Lies and Deception - Why point systems and calorie counting diets are a Total Waste Of Your Precious Time, and doing WAY more harm than good. Don't EVER count another calorie.
  • Using Food as a Fat Loss Tool - Why you need to eat more food to lose fat...especially delicious, mouth watering, food that you actually look forward to eating. No more of those yucky freeze dried, cardboard diets.
  • Fitness Model Tricks - Learn which 1 food you can cut out today to start losing weight so'll wish you cut it out sooner!
  • Be Your Own Personal Trainer - Learn how to train smarter not harder. It's time to get off the treadmills and ellipticals and start using lean fat blasters to amp your results in 30 minutes or less.
  • All The Details - Specifics on food, meal frequency, ingredients to steer clear of no matter what, which foods aid fat loss and which foods hinder fat loss.
  • Myths Uncovered - Don't eat before bed ...Don't eat carbs...It's all about the calories ...women get "bulky" with weight training. All these myths and many more are BUSTED in The Lean Secrets Guide. That's right, I'll tell you why and what you should eat before bed to wake up feeling GREAT!!
  • Much Much More!

Lean Secrets Cook Book


Enjoying the food you eat is SO Important. If food tastes good, you'll actually eat it without a second thought. This cook book is packed with flavor enhancing lean tips and tricks.

Here's A Quick Summary of the Cookbook!


To be honest, on any given night, I'm usually eating something from this cook book. There's not a recipe in here that I don't LOVE! I'm sure you'll love them too!

It covers everything from snacks, smoothies, breakfasts, salad dressings, slow cooker meals, and even 10 minute dinners.

There are over 50 Recipes in this Cook Book!


You're going to love the super easy and delicious recipes

  • Learn the Lean Alternatives - Potato chips, French Toast, Chicken Tortilla Soup, chili, mashed potatoes, and the list goes on!!
  • Dinner In Under 10 Minutes- Cooking lean doesn't have to take hours. Most of the recipes in this cookbook are under 10 minutes!
  • Family Friendly- These recipes are flavorful, fresh, and colorful. Your entire family will love these meals...even kids! I know a few kids who LOVE the "chicks in a blanket" recipe.

**Lean tip: Get the family involved in making dinner.. It's great for bonding, and teaching children about new and different vegetables..and they'll usually eat whatever they helped cook ;) But don't tell them I told you that! haha!

14 Day Meal Plan


For two weeks, every meal is laid out for you! I tell you exactly what to eat and when so there's no second guessing!

After following The 14 day meal plan, you'll get a really good idea of what eating lean feels like. You'll learn about your body, and about flexibility.

And also note, this 14 day meal plan is easy peasy. And if you happen to not like a certain meal, you can always swap it with something from the Lean Cook Book!

  • Learn How To Plan Your Meals - Taking a few minutes to "roughly" plan out your meals once a week is SO important. Once you do that, you won't have to give any more time or energy to worrying about what you're going to eat for lunch!
  • Lean Sensations - At the end of the 14 Days, you'll have cleansed your palette of all the unnatural, toxic food that's hampering you. You'll learn how your body should feel after eating a lean meal vs. a non lean meal.
  • Fresh And New - This 14 Days will probably be a little bit different for you. My intention is that these 2 weeks breathe new life and motivation into your body and mind!

21 Day Workout Guide


After spending many years as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, I've learned what works best for women and what doesn't.

Here's A Quick Summary of the 21 Day Workout Guide!


Every day millions of women go to the gym and waste precious time on the what I like to call "the hamster wheels"...the treadmills, ellipticals, and doing crunches on the ball.

Don't be one of those women!

After 21 Days following the Lean Secrets Workout Plan, you'll understand what a REAL workout feels like. You'll be doing super intense, super short workouts while everyone else wastes their time lolligagging on the recombinant bikes.

  • Scientifically Proven Sequencing - Learn how to use certain muscle groups in sequences that get the BEST and FASTEST fat loss results.
  • After-Burn EPOC - If you do the right things, you can raise your metabolism and keep burning fat for HOURS after your workout. Follow the 21 Day Guide, and you'll get this after burn effect.
  • Enhance Youthful, Lean Hormones - You can increase lipolytic fat burning hormones by following a Lean exercise program! Unlock the power of growth hormone, leptin, and regulate your insulin with the help of this 21 day workout guide (and of course the meal plan that comes with it!)

Grocery Shopping List


Take this with you to the store and you can't go wrong!

You know that saying "Out of sight, out of mind"? Well, that totally applies to the food you put in your fridge. If the only food you have is LEAN FOOD, then fat loss is inevitable.

Here's A Quick Summary of the Grocery Shopping List!


  • Set yourself up for success- Using this shopping list with everything else in the Lean Secrets Program will put an end to your fat loss struggles once and for all.
  • Develop Lean Shopping Habits - After using the shopping list a few times, you'll develop a Lean Sense...or your sense of what you need to get in, get what you need, and get out without any ANTI-LEAN foods.
  • Take me with you - This list is basically like having me with you at the store, guiding you through! Keep this list in your purse or in your car for easy access.

Success Journal


Your thoughts control EVER SINGLE aspect of your life. Especially your health. If you learn how to "Think Lean", your fat loss progress will move at lightning speed.

Use the sheets in The Lean Secrets Success Journal to trim some MAJOR "mental fat". Mental fat is the yucky subconscious stuff that's holding you back from being the leanest, healthiest version of yourself.

There is a way to think and reflect that will keep you on track. Unlock the power of being completely self-aware ...aware of not only your body, but also your mind.

The mind controls the body and vice versa. Strengthen both and you can't go wrong.

Here's A Quick Summary of the Lean Success Journal!


  • Practice Massive Accountability- Accountability is the bread and butter of mental strength. Being accountable to yourself with the sheets in this journal will help build your Lean Accountability Muscles.
  • Self Awareness - Millions of people just go through the motions, unaware of how their body is looking and, more importantly, how their body is feeling. Practicing self awareness will help you connect the dots of life, and draw from experiences and coincidences to learn new things.

    For example, one client of mine always binged at 3pm, but couldn't figure out why. After tracking her thoughts and nutrition, she realized that it ALWAYS happened after her daily afternoon coffee.

    The caffeine was causing a REBOUND hypoglycemic effect!! We would have NEVER discovered this if she wasn't practicing self-awareness and observation!
  • The Power of Visualization - It's been said by the most successful people to ever live ....visualization is a POWERFUL life changing tool. Going through the success journal on a regular basis will help you picture your goals more clearly!

Telling you that I'm excited about this program would be an understatement. Overwhelmed with JOY would be more like it. The past 9 years has brought me here, talking to you, right now.

There's a little voice inside all of us...mine literally FORCED me to take my experience, and to write this program. I wasn't sure what all of this was about when I started my journey in the fitness industry...but now I know.

I'm grateful to be able to reach you, and give you clarity and honesty and real answers!

I have no clue what you're "little voice" is telling you, but I hope, no matter what, you trust that it will guide you to the EXACT PLACE that you were meant to be...and for right now, I'm honored if that place is with me!

So now I just want to run over the value and cost of this amazing, body transforming program with you...

  • The value of The Lean Secrets Program is $199...but don't worry, you'll get a pretty amazing discount
  • The value of being the leanest and healthiest version of yourself is Priceless
  • The cost of having me as your Personal Trainer is an average of $150 per session
  • The cost of having me as your Nutritional Consultant is an average of $500

But you won't have to pay a fraction of those prices. I wanted to make this SUPER affordable for everyone...

So I'm selling this life changing program to you for
only $27!

That's right. Just click the "ADD TO CART" Button, and download the entire program in less than 2 minutes on the receipt page!

I know what you're thinking..."Brenda, why would you do this? This is crazy. Only $27?!?"

First, I think you and everyone else deserves the knowledge and power that comes in this program...and frankly, it wouldn't be fair charging some "4 easy payments of"...I HATE that nonsense!

Second, I know money is a tough right now, but people use that as an excuse sometimes. Now I did you a huge favor, and got RID of that excuse :) You're welcome.

I was able to make this entire program $27 by making everything digital! All of these are instant, downloadable e-books that you will have access to in seconds. So there's no shipping and handling, no waiting... you can just download everything and get started RIGHT AWAY!

Please note that a majority of the proceeds go towards reaching more women just like you, and spreading this incredibly important message, as well as developing new and exciting products and online services to help women like you become the strongest version of themselves.

Also, studies show that people don't value what they don't pay for. The chances of you actually USING this program and getting results is MUCH HIGHER if you've paid something for it :)

Add to Cart

I Believe in My Program,
So You Also Get a 90 Day Guarantee!


If for any reason you're not happy with The Lean Secrets Program, and you don't look and feel leaner and healthier, simply let me know within 90 days, and I'll refund your entire purchase!

Get ready for some serious, positive changes. Now is the time, and today is the day!

To Your Health,
Brenda Leigh Turner