5 Fat Loss Dinners – Trader Joe’s Edition!

Before we jump in, this is NOT sponsored by Trader Joe’s. I just love me some TJ’s, and wanted to share that love with the world.

If you’re trying to eat healthy on a budget, Trader Joe’s is the best place to shop!  Trader Joe’s can also be a bit of a head scratcher for newbies. It’s common to walk into TJ’s and miss all the stupendous, competitively priced food options.

That’s why I took a trip to TJ’s yesterday, and picked up a bunch of stuff for you. I wanted to give you some new dinner ideas for your week, and show off a few of the things I love from there. If you want a complete list of ALL the things I covet from Trader Joe’s, you can check out a prior blog post with a detailed list 

But for today, I just wanted to hang out and cook some really healthy, delicious, and cheap food. All the ingredients in today’s video are from the mecca that is Trader Joe’s. Here’s what I made you:

Mahi Mahi Burgers with Brussels Sprouts



-Frozen Mahi Mahi Burgers

-Shaved Brussels Sprouts

-Organic Cherry Tomatoes

-Avocados on the burgers after they cooked

-Mustard on the burgers after they cooked

-Romaine lettuce leaves to wrap the burgers, adds fiber and a nice crunch.

TJ’s has a wonderful assortment of high quality seafood. It’s all frozen, which is fine because then you can use it at your convenience. These Mahi Mahi burgers have are a delicious and simple option for those lazy days you just want to throw some stuff on the grill.

I love the pre shaved brussels sprouts. And I am nuts for my grill basket. It’s such an easy way to cook dinner. Throw a protein on the grill, toss any veggies in the grill basket beside the protein, and you’ve got dinner without having to clean pots and pans!

Smoked Salmon “Stir Fry”?


The question mark is because I’m not sure if this dish qualifies as a stir fry. All I know is that it tastes really good!
-Wild Smoked Salmon

-1 tsp Coconut oil to cook with

-A heaping handful of the “Veggie 8” chopped mix

-Wild Rice

-Oregano and Garlic powder

Smoked salmon at Trader Joe’s is the best quality. It’s wild caught, a rich vibrant color, and the pricing is incredible! Smoked salmon is super salty, so it’s not quite as “lean” as just plain old salmon filets, but it’s still a very healthy option. And smoked salmon is easy to prepare. You don’t even have to cook it if you don’t want to, although I always crisp it up in a pan for two minutes before I eat it.

Smoked salmon is great in salads, on sandwiches, in tortillas, the list goes on and on. One time, I made a “pizza” on a tortilla with smoked salmon. It sounds super weird, but it actually turned out amazing. My life changed a little after eating salmon pizza and liking it.

If you’re not a big fan of seafood, there’s still a good chance you’re going to love smokes salmon. It tastes more like bacon than seafood (in my opinion anyway).

This dish is packed with nutrients from the veggie 8 mix, DHA and EPA, and tons of flavor!

Shrimp Salad



-Frozen Large Shrimp

-Sea Salt & pepper

-Baby Lettuce

-Cherry tomatoes




-Olive oil



-Oil and vinegar



Dry off your shrimp really well, heat some oil in a pan, salt and pepper your shrimp and cook on a medium high heat for a minute or two. Then add oregano and thyme to the pan, cook for a few seconds, mixing the herbs with the oil and shrimp. This makes the oil and the shrimp taste well seasoned. Then lower the heat and add as many chopped garlic cloves as you want. I added three (because yolo). Let the garlic warm up in the pan until you can smell it, then add lemon juice and scrape all the good stuff that stuck to the pan off.

Add the shrimp mixture into your salad and enjoy the heck out of your shrimp salad. You’re welcome.

Swordfish with Veggie Kabobs



Frozen Swordfish

Veggie Kabobs



Balsamic vinegar dressing

Season the swordfish and veggie kabobs. Grill for about 4 minutes each side.

Grilled Chicken Tacos



Organic Chicken Breasts

Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle seasoning (not from TJ’s)






Pre heat your grill or your pan for a few minutes before you start. Tenderize and season your chicken very well, then drizzle  little olive oil on top. Sear the chicken on the grill for about 4 minutes each side. Then turn the grill off and leave the lid closed. This is like “baking” on the grill to make sure the chicken is done on the inside, but won’t dry it out.

Chop up your chicken and assemble your tacos!

In Closing


Smooches to Trader Joe’s for being as sexy as he wants to be. You do you, Trader Joe’s. We love you.

If you want more information on fat loss, you can check out my E-book at LeanSecrets.com. It’s helped thousands of women over the years, and it’s a damn fine book (humble brag).

Have a beautiful day!


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