Can Clutter Make You Fat?

Can clutter make you fat? I believe it can. And I’m not just talking about the clutter around your house (but that’s important too). I’m talking about the clutter in your life. The “friends” who stress you out. The to-do’s you keep putting off. The job you’ve hated for years. The relationship you know you should end.

I truly believe that excess fat can be, and usually is, a manifestation of things you haven’t let go of. Stress, trauma, avoidance, and many other things contribute to this.

Obviously nutrition and exercise are a HUGE key to fat loss. But good nutrition and fitness are a much bigger challenge if you have clutter in your life. It’s actually quite straightforward.

Consider this. Your brain can only focus on so many different tasks at any given time. The more clutter you add in there, the less room there will be for life enhancing things, including health and fitness.

What should you do when you’re overwhelmed with clutter? Take immediate action right now! Any action, big or small.


Honor yourself by deep cleaning your house. Screw the gym. If your house is dirty, no amount of squats will enhance your health or your life. House first, gym later. Take an entire 24-48 hours for deep cleaning. Closets, cabinets, corners, carpets, etc.

On several occasions, I’ve had clients who had excessive amounts of clutter in their cars and homes. I’ve even trained some people who were hoarders. Without a doubt, the minute they cleaned up their homes, I saw a marked improvement in their performance, attitude, and progress.

Deep cleaning at least once a week is not only great for your mind, it’s great for your spirit.

I’m a big believer in the power of intention.  So before I clean my house, I set my intention. For example “In the next hour, I intend to cleanse the clutter from my home, and allow positive energy to fill every space I clean.” or “I intend to clean my home, so when I am here, I can fully recharge and relax”


Good friends are hard to find. I realize this. And I’m not telling you to shun every person who isn’t perfect (as perfection does not exist).

What I suggest is taking inventory of your friends.

  • Does he/she provide you with anything positive, Or do they mostly complain to you about their issues?
  • Does he/she encourage you to be better and help celebrate your victories, or do they make you feel as if your accomplishments are insignificant?
  • Can you do positive things with this person besides getting intoxicated? Can you stand to be around this person when you are sober? Would he/she come over for dinner if you weren’t serving alcohol?
  • Does he/she leave you feeling happy after spending time together or drained and irritated?

An important note: it can be hard for women to make friends. A great place to meet new friends is AT THE GYM!!! I’ve made some great friends at the gym. For example, my workout partner is an aspiring (female) police officer in the academy, working her ass off, following her dreams, and staying positive in her struggle. I’m inspired by her! I’ve met tons of women like this at the gym.

The catty woman vs. woman thing is so 1940. (Cattiness adds to mental clutter, by the way). If you see a woman with a great arms, cute shoes, etc. tell her so! Maybe you’ll make a friend out of it and you’ll have someone to do your spin classes with.


I’ll make this quick, because I am definitely NOT a life expert. But here are some things that most anyone can benefit from.

  • If you’re not happy with something, take small steps every day to change it.
  • Cleaning up the “clutter”,  and working through your issues is how you grow.

Lastly, some things, you can only learn in the struggle. 


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