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    How Food Can Cause or Cure Depression

    Foods That Help Depression Full Disclosure: I know what it’s like People get defensive about their depression. They get pissed at hearing possible solutions to their depression. When you’re feeling depressed, hearing about changes you can make feels like a personal attack. Like an insinuation that you have an option. And I know depression doesn’t […]

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    How to Get Things Done Without Motivation

    Here’s a dirty little secret. I didn’t feel like working out this morning, or yesterday morning, or the morning before that. Granted, I usually start to like exercising five minutes into a workout, but even that doesn’t always happen. You know what else? I did’t feel like cooking dinner tonight. The taco place down the […]

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    Let’s Get One Thing Straight

    Some would have you believe that getting fit or having a sexy body is a portal to happiness. An instant worm hole that teleports you to a place where you are finally, FINALLY, the perfect shape. You finally have that tiny waist. You finally don’t have an ounce of fat on your legs. Now you can […]

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    How to Heal Alopecia Areata

    Alopecia Areata is a very niche topic, effecting only 2% of the population. While certain parts of this article may not pertain to you, many parts will. AA, like most maladies, is simply a symptom of imbalance, or something out of whack that needs tending to. All of the insights listed here will benefit any […]

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    Protein Powder Scams – Don’t Fall for This

    People are constantly asking me about Shakeology. It’s now considered the Jaguar of protein powder, a testament to BeachBody’s incredible marketing strategies. The BeachBody coaches rave about it, the website boasts some dazzling claims, and it even comes with a fancy price tag of $129. Here’s the truth. There is no protein supplement in the […]

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    How to Poop Better

    I guess I’ll be the chick on the internet talking about poop today…because I care *serious tone as I put my hand on your shoulder while we walk along the beach like a kotex commercial. But seriously, as your health and fitness coach, I’m here to tell you that having healthy digestion and elimination is […]

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    How to (Really) Change

    I get the same email on a regular basis, and it goes something like this… “I’m 200+ lbs, and I really want to change, but don’t know where to start. I’ve tried over and over again, but nothing ever sticks. Please help!” Wanting to do something, and then finding yourself doing the exact opposite of said […]

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    How to Heal Leaky Gut

    Leaky Gut is the cat burglar of health. It can steal your mental clarity, energy, and even your nutrients without making a peep. Leaky gut, also known as intestinal permeability, is when microscopic tears occur in the lining of the epithelial layer of the gut. The causes are vast, but the health issues that come […]

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    5 Fat Loss Dinners – Trader Joe’s Edition!

    Before we jump in, this is NOT sponsored by Trader Joe’s. I just love me some TJ’s, and wanted to share that love with the world. If you’re trying to eat healthy on a budget, Trader Joe’s is the best place to shop!  Trader Joe’s can also be a bit of a head scratcher for newbies. […]

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    The Truth About Fitness Competitions

    My First & Only Bikini Competition I was nearly naked, spotlights cooking my retinas, trying to ignore my instinct to sprint my ass off the stage and scrub the coffee-table-tan off my skin.  “Why the hell am I even doing this?” looped in my brain over and over. All I could see were the overweight and […]

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    5 Signs Your Diet Isn’t Working

    “Does this diet work?” is the question I get the most, in one way or another. Getting a definitive set of rules is satisfying if you feel lost. It’s almost like people are trying to figure out which religion to follow. Vegan, paleo, ketogenic, IIFYM and on and on. Each diet has it’s supporters, figure […]