Confessions of a Fitness Guru…& what junk food means to me.

After coming back from vacation last week, my body and brain were begging me to rest.   It usually doesn’t work like that. Vacations are supposed to recharge and refresh. I came back from my vacation feeling out of sorts, tired, and flat.

I suppose that’s to be expected after three weeks in Las Vegas with a bunch of party animals (my baby sister, haha!!). The atmosphere in Las Vegas isn’t exactly soothing. I don’t drink alcohol, and I hate night clubs, but the constant buzzing and go-go-go of Vegas took a slight toll on me.

What took an even bigger toll than the atmosphere was the food.

Confession: I was not honoring the temple that is my body while in Las Vegas. Let me just spit it out….I ate bread, tried sweets, even some pizza here and there. Let’s just say the chefs in vegas are not into healthy cooking.


My workouts were fine, and I exercised every day…but you can’t work away a bad diet. Women especially. We have a very delicate and complicated hormonal system that is easily screwed up with crappy micronutrients (ie wheat, vegetable oil, sugar, splenda).

Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t eating double cheeseburgers every night, but I was NOT putting my best foot forward in the consistency department. I ate lean food for about 70% of the time, the other 30% was crap (I use the word crap because it is the only way to convey how I felt after weeks of eating it).

For those of you who don’t know, bread is my weakness. Cutting out bread (and all wheat) is something that has changed my body and mind in major ways. After going so long without it, I figured a couple breadsticks with some of my meals wouldn’t kill me. Right?…..

Well, the changes in my body weren’t that major. I’m not as lean as usual, but two or three weeks of my usual healthy lifestyle will get me looking pretty much the same.

However, the mental changes that the junk food had on me were very unpleasant. After partaking in one too many bread baskets and buffets, my emotional state was way off by the time I got back home.

The food made me moody, easily distracted, and out of balance, and robbed my creativity.

I am just now feeling back to my normal, happy, ready to take on the world self.

After everything is said and done, it was worth it. It’s like hearing back from an ex-boyfriend and learning that he is still the a-hole he’s always been. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out, crappy food.


It’s like hearing back from an ex-boyfriend and learning that he is still the a-hole he’s always been.


WARNING: Weird, heady, hippie mumbo jumbo ahead.


Analogies aside, I am a firm believer in the connection of body, mind, & spirit. If one is neglected, all three will suffer.


The junk food gave me a refresher of what “the dark side” of food feels like on an emotional level. It is VERY numbing. I can easily see how some people turn to food as an emotional pain killer or crutch.


Over the years, I’ve heard many women say “I don’t know how I let it get this far!”

I empathize with that. With the junk food, you literally are numbing yourself so much, that in a way you are letting a part of yourself go, and perhaps not even realizing it.


Heavy, junky food can literally weigh down your body, mind, and spirit! It can also cloud your mind and impair your emotional well-being.




In keeping with the title of this post, here’s what junk food means to me:

-A substance that makes my thinking foggy

-Tasty, but not tastier than healthy food


-A catalyst for depression (if you’re suffering from depression, I URGE you to check your diet)

-A robber of mental vitality

-A total downer (corny but true)

-A catalyst for major PMS

It’s really great to have a nice set of abs, but it’s even better to be high on life (and healthy food). NOTHING beats the feeling of waking up in the morning, clear headed and full of energy, and totally connected and balanced.


Getting back into the swing of things was something I embraced with open arms. I was so excited to eat kale! If I could’ve put an IV in my arm and put kale and spinach into my veins when I got home, I absolutely would have.


Wishing you many plates of fresh, colorful food,


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