Dear Brenda: Why Are You So Over The Top?

Hey Everybody!! As the weekend is getting started, I decided we’ll start a new tradition here. I’ll be periodically answering messages here on the blog for everyone to see. I typically answer as many questions as I can privatley, but sometimes, there are some Q & As that I’d like to share with everyone. So, Here’s the first public Dear Brenda post.

A wonderful viewer named Heather asked a great question, and one that I am asked often enough to address it here.

“Why not just simplify things and say manage portions, eat sensibly, and workout?”

The best way to start, I suppose, would be targeting your main question….”why not just simplify things and say manage portions, eat sensibly, and workout?”. I truly do not believe it is that simple for most…while I’m glad it’s worked for you, it doesn’t work like that for many (although I wish it did).

I have been surrounded by overweight people for my entire life (in my family, people I love dearly, friends, and clients throughout my career). Every time I see an obese person, the empathy I feel for them is OVERWHELMING. People don’t understand how DIFFICULT it is living with 40, 50, 100 + of extra weight…it’s a heavy burden both mentally and physically. 

I grew up watching  people very close to me try and fail and try and fail, time and time again. Weight watchers, Jenny Craig, portion control, you name it. I myself was a “chubby” pre-teen, and went through plenty of ups and downs of dieting etc.

I started my journey in the health & fitness industry at the age of 16… My nights were spent interning at Bally Total Fitness, shadowing (probably bothering) personal trainers. My weekends were spent reading any book I could find relating to anatomy, nutrition etc. I was driven by an indescribable NEED to help people get healthy.

I wasted my first 2 years as a personal trainer, telling my clients to count their calories and bring me their “food report cards”…they were doing everything “right”….but some were feeling crappy, some weren’t losing any weight, some would lose weight, but gain it back…..I was thinking “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?”

Then I learned about nutrition on a deeper, cellular, holistic level. I learned that  There’s far more to it than portions and calories.. all food causes chemical, hormonal, (sometimes drug like) reactions in the body.

I learned that food can nurture or damage you. It can vitalize you, or age you. It can infuse you with life, or deplete you of it. It can keep you lean, or fill your fat cells with toxins…

Are there people that can eat crackers, fast food,  processed foods, and junk in controlled portions and lose weight? Sure.

Would they be healthier, leaner, filled with energy, and be the strongest version of themselves eating “controlled portions” of franken-foods? In my opinion, NO.

Can a morbidly obese,  insulin resistant individual get healthy eating portion controlled “cereal” for breakfast?…I believe with every cell in my body the answer to that is NO.

I’m not trying to complicate anything. But I do try to encourage women to be the STRONGEST and HEALTHIEST version of wake up, connect with themselves, and really THINK about the food they eat…to be more aware. To “reach for the stars” so to speak.

And lastly, there’s nothing complicated about eating natural food, fruits, vegetables, proteins, and a handful of supplements before bed!

I’m on the VERY FAR end of the healthy spectrum, and it’s what I do for a living, but I figure if even SOME of it sticks, then I’ll be happy.

Much Love,

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