How to Get Things Done Without Motivation

A Dirty Little Secret Gurus Never Share

Here’s a dirty little secret. I didn’t feel like working out this morning, or yesterday morning, or the morning before that. Granted, I usually start to like exercising five minutes into a workout, but even that doesn’t always happen.

You know what else? I did’t feel like cooking dinner tonight. The taco place down the street delivers, and man…some tacos would be way better than this salmon and broccoli. But I cooked that salmon and ate that broccoli, and it tasted pretty good! And I feel better than I would have otherwise.

Every time you don’t feel like doing something, but you do it anyway, that is like building a muscle. You’re building a willpower muscle, you’re building a habit muscle, you’re building up a greater part of yourself.

My exercise and healthy eating habit-muscle is so strong at this point that it doesn’t matter how lazy I feel, or how dry my motivation well is, I still do some type of exercise every day. I still eat very healthy 85% of the time.

So there. The curtain is lifted. I am not “motivated” to take action most of the time. I’m acting on choices, not motivation….

I act on choices, not motivation

Something I’ve practiced in my own life is the sacred act of making choices. I never make any choice lightly. A choice is a line in the sand that I simply don’t budge on. This takes all the guess work out of life, and helps to propel you forward regardless of your motivation levels.

An example of this is my choice to not drink alcohol. After years of trying to fit in in social situations, and feeling like crap no matter the type or quantity of alcohol, I decided at the age of 21 that I would no longer compromise my health, or endure hangovers to make other people feel comfortable. This is an important enough issue to me that I simply don’t budge on it, ever.

Don’t ever make a choice unless you’re 100% committed to it, and unless it’s a very important value to you. Be honest with yourself, and save the choices you’re not sure on for a time when you are positive you can commit. For instance, I really know I should get to bed by 9pm, and that I would be more productive with a better sleep schedule, but deep down, I’m not 100% ready to jump into that change…at least not yet.

If you make a choice and set that sucker in stone, there’s no arguing or debating with yourself. Once you make a choice, that’s it. There’s no turning back.

To make some choices, I created a contract for you to print out and sign. Use this semi-annually any time you see yourself slipping in a certain area. You can download that contract here (dropbox link).

You might as well make some choices, lest everyone and everything else take the reins of your life. In fact, the more choices you make, the less room you’ll have for other people’s b.s. Make some choices today to take back any power you’ve lost to the clutter of life.

Dance with the fickle motivation fairy when she decides to show up. But save your heart and soul for your choices. They will never leave you.


P.S. If you like the idea of making big changes, you can take Day One of my new fat loss course totally free. It’s all about goal setting, and giving your mindset the tune-up it needs to succeed!

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