A Match Made In Heaven

There are some foods that simply belong together..and tonight I discovered an unlikely pairing. Sunflower Butter with Coconut Water. Wait, don’t leave!! I know you’ve got one eyebrow raised, and you’re looking at the screen thinking “Ew. I haven’t heard of either of these things”. Just Hear Me Out.

Sunflower butter is, by far, the most delicious type of spread. Peanut butter be damned! Sunflower butter is where it’s at. Especially the super crunchy, filled-with-actual-sunflower-seeds sunflower butter. If there was a god of spreads, it would be sunflower butter. It’s sweet, earthy, and comforting. You can pair it with nearly ANY fruit, and it will behave perfectly on your taste buds. And don’t even get me started on the impeccable texture of this decadent treasure. Did I just say treasure? I meant Slice of Heaven…. Did I mention I ABSOLUTELY LOVE sunflower butter?

Side Note: Did you know peanuts are not even really nuts? They’re actually legumes, and one of the most common allergens & irritants that can be eaten.
I consider peanut butter the red headed stepchild of nut butters.

Sunflower butter is great with everything, but tonight I discovered it’s perfect match. Coconut water.

Coconut is one of the most beautiful flavors and scents on this planet. Coconut water is actually a great source of potassium, and is very low glycemic index. This particular coconut water has tiny bits of coconut meat floating around in it….and I just realized that the sound of anything floating around in a beverage is not appealing to most. Espescially the way that I describe it. But I found the bits of coconut just made it taste even better.

Together, this pair is unbeatable. Simply delicious. Satisfying. Addictive. Just…PERFECT!

I’ll end this gushing rave of a post with a snapshot of the bottle cap. I think the cap really says it all.


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