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    Broiled Grecian Chicken…..*Mmmmmm*

    Let’s be honest. Chicken breast isn’t the most exciting food on the planet…unless you cook it like this 🙂 I just finished eating one of the most DELICIOUS & SATISFYING meals I’ve had in days!  Here’s how you can make a ho-hum, ” Sigh. I guess I’ll just eat chicken again” night, and turn it […]

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    Lean Shamrock Shake

    Shamrock shakes were a childhood staple for me. Obviously, knowing what I know now, I no longer drink the addictive peppermint nectar of the McDonald’s Messiahs…but just because I eat healthy doesn’t mean I can’t ever enjoy the flavors of a peppermint shake. I’ve taken life into my own hands, and created the most delicious, lean, […]

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    Dear Brenda: Why Are You So Over The Top?

    Hey Everybody!! As the weekend is getting started, I decided we’ll start a new tradition here. I’ll be periodically answering messages here on the blog for everyone to see. I typically answer as many questions as I can privatley, but sometimes, there are some Q & As that I’d like to share with everyone. So, […]

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    Lean Giveaway! Yonana Yogurt Yummy-ness :)

    I am in NO WAY affiliated with yonanas company, and this Yonana Giveaway Extravaganza was prompted only by my pure love for this lean, mean, fruity-yogurt making machine! It’s simple to use, easy to clean, small, and makes any frozen fruit look and taste like ice cream!!!!!

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    Lean Asian Salad

    This might just be my all time favorite, go to salad. The peanuts might have something to do with that 🙂 Fresh Bok Choy, Raw Ginger cubes, Tangy Orange Vinegar..you just can’t go wrong with this one.