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    Salad Extravaganza!

    There was a party at my house this weekend…a salad party 🙂 I put on a salad extravaganza for you. Why? Because salads get a bad rap! They’re thought of as boring, typical, cliche health food. But if you know what you’re doing, salads can actually be SO delicious… I know what you’re thinking. You’re […]

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    The Breakfast of Champions

    This was my breakfast today… Scrambled egg whites with nutritional yeast, a nitrate-free turkey bacon, organic spinach and organic red bell pepper. YUM! Millions of Americans ate cereal for breakfast today, and another couple million ate bagels or some other processed grain. The problem with eating cereal (yes, even “Healthy” cereal) for breakfast is that […]

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    Treasure Hunt & The Spoils

    I went on a treasure hunt today. Gold wasn’t involved in this particular hunt, but something MUCH better. Food. I went hunting for special food treasures, and came up with some awesomely unusual gems. Before I show you the spoils of my little hunt, I should reveal that this type of grocery shopping isn’t really […]

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    Slow Carb Lean Brownies!

    I am shocked every single time I make this recipe. There is absolultey NO reason anyone should eat a full fat, full sugar brownie when recipes like this exist. These Slow Carb Lean Brownies taste like the real thing…without ANY guilt. I dare you to give these brownies a try, and tell me they don’t […]

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    A Match Made In Heaven

    There are some foods that simply belong together..and tonight I discovered an unlikely pairing. Sunflower Butter with Coconut Water. Wait, don’t leave!! I know you’ve got one eyebrow raised, and you’re looking at the screen thinking “Ew. I haven’t heard of either of these things”. Just Hear Me Out.

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    Your Weight Loss Contract…Sign Here!

    From the moment I began my journey in the fitness industry, I’ve learned so much about people. Some people succeed at weight loss, and some struggle with it their entire lives. At first, having a client give up on his or her diet and sessions was a major source of frustration for me. I could not, […]

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    Firecracker Chicken Salad

    My love affair with Thai food is undying. Even being the health nut that I am, I’ll occasionally partake in group-grubbing (aka friends and family eating) at Big Bowl…and if you don’t know what Big Bowl is, you better go ask somebody! Don’t get me wrong. There are some healthy Thai dishes out there. But […]

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    Turkey Mish-Mash

    I call this beauty of a dish “Turkey Mish-Mash”. OK. Fine. It’s not “beautiful” at all. But as the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover

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    Tilapia is Underrated

    Whenever you ask a bodybuilder or fitness competitor what their diet is like, 9 times out of 10 they’ll mention tilapia…with a frown 🙁 .  They hit something I like to call, “The Dreaded Tilapia Wall”. They don’t want to smell it, look at it, or put it in their mouths…ever again. There are two […]

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    Screw Half n’ Half

    This was my breakfast today…. Instant coffee mixed with ON Vanilla Whey Protein. Not exactly the most appetizing breakfast, but it gets the job done!