Protein Powder Scams – Don’t Fall for This

People are constantly asking me about Shakeology. It’s now considered the Jaguar of protein powder, a testament to BeachBody’s incredible marketing strategies. The BeachBody coaches rave about it, the website boasts some dazzling claims, and it even comes with a fancy price tag of $129.

Here’s the truth. There is no protein supplement in the universe that is worth $129. Not Shakeology, and not any other protein powder.

BeachBody paints this crazy price tag with their claims that “each serving contains the equivalent nutrition of 1 head of romain lettuce, wheatgrass shot, carrots, etc etc etc”. They give a long list of the nutritional equivalents that Shakeology contains. And all of that is true. They’re not lying.

BUT, the way they add in these nutrients is by simply adding in basic vitamin C (ascorbic acid), and B12 (cyanocobalamin), and other basic vitamins. Here’s a shot of their nutrition label, and the vitamins they’ve added….as you can see, they’re basic.


Nothing you couldn’t find in a decent multivitamin, or any other good protein powder on the market.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with Shakeology. It’s great that they’ve essentially added a multivitamin into their protein, but it doesn’t justify a $129 price tag. These ingredients are pretty cheap to come by for most manufacturing companies. The cost to make Shakeology is probably about $20 per bag, at MOST. And that’s me high balling.

If I had any doubts about this, I wouldn’t write it, because I can’t afford to get sued. But I know they won’t sue me, because what I’m saying is true.

Shakeology’s $129 does not reflect the “amazing quality” or “rareness of ingredients”. Again, the formulation of their protein is a dime a dozen at this point. You can find similar or better protein meal replacements for a fraction of the price at any health food store (Vega or Garden of Life, for instance).

Here’s a label for Garden of Life Meal Protein, offering just as much in the way of micronutriens. It costs about $40..


In reality, the $129 price tag for Shakeology is a marketing technique used to make the product seem more valuable than it really is. And maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe if you’re spending $129 on your protein supplement, it’s a very good mental motivator to actually use it, and stay on track. That’s probably true for some people. And if you’re one of those people, by all means, keep buying Shakeology.


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