Below is a list of things that will make your life easier! These are things I use on a daily basis for cooking, working out, and things I use in my beauty routine. You’re bound to love anything you get from the little store below.

I seperated the store into four categories for you, as you’ll see on the lefthand side of the store:

  • Kitchenware – There is nary a day that goes by that I don’t use every. single. thing I listed on there.
  • Supplements – The supplements I take vary throughout the year, but below are all the supplements I take every day, all year, no matter what.
  • Beauty – Skincare is a little obsession of mine, and these are my holy grail, cannot live without products. I also listed the foundation I’ve worn in every video.
  • Exercise – These are all the things I pack in my gym bag, and use at almost every gym session. Except for Insanity, everything is affordable yet super effective!

Every item in this little store is coveted by me, as in, I’ve used it religiously for at least a few years.

A plus to shopping on amazon through the store below is that it helps support the LeanSecrets Army! Each purchase tosses a few pennies my way, which is a tremendous help in production costs for the YouTube channel, and allows me to keep making videos for you.

And besides, who doesn’t love Amazon, right?