Simple Things That Keep Me Lean

Getting lean and shedding fat is an uphill battle that most average women despise (myself included). But there are some really simple things that I’ve changed over the years to make it a more streamlined, thought free process.

Here are some things that make getting & staying lean less of a chore for me.

Nix The Car — This one thing could change your life.

During the summer months I NEVER use my car. At least not for errands to the store, or anything else that is less than a 15 minute car ride. I’ll either jog or take a bike ride instead. This adds an extra 30-60 minutes of FUN cardio per day.

I can’t tell you how great it feels to take a leisurely bike ride to the store. It transforms a mundane errand into an almost spiritual journey. I choose a scenic route (which are easy to find in the suburbs of Illinois), breathe in some fresh air, watch the robins fly around, feel the sweat on my face, and feel RECHARGED by the time I get to the store!

Riding your bike to the gym eliminates the need for a warm up, and cuts down on the time you’ll need to be sitting on a treadmill or stairclimber.

I had a funny moment the other day when I left the gym. My friends were all heading into a spin class, and I was heading out onto my real bike to go home. The ride home was filled with real hills, and was an enjoyable and challenging ride. It just makes so much sense to embrace the real thing every once in a while…especially when you get the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful sunset and nature along the way.


Yoga isn’t easy, But it does make getting and staying lean much easier.

The older I get (at this ripe old age of 26), the crankier my muscles get. Since starting yoga, I’ve noticed my muscles recover faster, I’m stronger during my regular workouts, my stamina is much higher, and my appetite is lower.
And yes, it’s pretty damn cool to be able to do a headstand.


Music has become a bit of a crutch for me. Music just makes working out so much fun for me.

I almost use working out as an excuse to tune out the world and jam. I use new music as a reward for myself…for example “if I hit my all time high of 12 pullups this week, I’ll buy a new album on iTunes”.

These are some obvious things for most people, but it never hurts to share 🙂

Wishing you Health & Happiness,

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