The Benefits of Aging

Yesterday was my birthday. I don’t LOVE birthdays, but I don’t dread them either.

Here’s why.

From a very young age I’ve worked in gyms, and have been surrounded by healthy people all day long. Healthy people age well. In fact, some of the fittest most beautiful women I knew were in their 50s!

My first week working at Bally Total Fitness (many moons ago) as a personal trainer, nearly every other woman I met was a baby boomer rocking a great set of abs and a beautiful energy.

One woman in particular taught me about “compound interest” in fitness. Not looking a day over 30, this 56 year old woman told me,

“Brenda, every hour I spend in the gym and healthy meal I eat is a deposit in the bank. I’ve been depositing for a long time. I collect the benefits in quality of life.”

Funny side note, her name was Brenda too! (thank you for the sign, universe)

Most people assume every year is another year closer to a nursing home, a hunched over back, and a walker to keep you company.

I know better than that. I know it’s a choice.

You can either go bankrupt, or be wealthy in health. You can get better or you can get old.

I’ve been making my deposits for a while now too. And I plan to continue. But in the mean time, I’m still reaping some awesome benefits.

I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. I can do more pull ups and pushups now than ever, my flexibility is better and I’ve got some “mature” muscle that complies with my demands.

It is this perspective that puts a different meaning to doughnuts, pizza, cake or coffee for me. When some people say, “live a little…pizza every now and then won’t kill you” it’s funny to me.

You can “live a little” now, and eat those fries at the office lunch party….


you can live KICK ASS all the damn time, even well into your 50’s and 60‘s. You can make those deposits & put a huge gap between yourself and the nursing homes where those who decided to “live a little” every day at lunch reside.

The goal is to be that 50 year old woman, without an ache in her body, sprinting with a huge smile on my face! I fully intend to tell everyone “heck no I wouldn’t be 27 again. It took me decades to look and feel this good!” While wearing a t-shirt that says “These killer abs are 50 years old” hahaha!.

Anyone can optimize health and age well. All it takes are consistent deposits.

Make your deposits NOW. Today. Every day. While others are declaring health bankruptcy, you’ll be rejoicing in your optimum health.

Love & Happy Aging,

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