The Magic Morning – 15 Minutes to Crushing Your Day

Every day is a new day. A clean slate. Your fresh new canvas to paint the picture that is your life.

YOU and you alone have TOTAL CONTROL of what you paint on that canvas. 

Far too many people float through life without grabbing the damn paint brush and designing their life! They let situations, other people, fear, and bad habits design it instead.

Today I want to show you my 15 minute morning “art” session. I spend 15 powerful minutes each morning designing my day and life. Doing this gives me a sense of peace, direction, and calmness. I’m sure it can do the same for you! (video accompanying this post is at the bottom of the page)

Start by buying:

-A three ring binder

-Some loose leaf college ruled paper

-a pen

-post-it tab dividers

Stuff the binder with paper, and divide the paper into four sections. 

  1. Goals Write 10 Juicy goals for this year. This will be the front page. The goals section can also include little monthly or weekly goals if they come to mind.  Review your goals every day. Realize that certain goals may change, or disappear. That is totally OK!
  2. TodayAfter reviewing your goals in the morning, flip to your “Today” tab. Write the date, and 5 action steps you can take towards any of your goals. Realize that you may not finish all 5 of these actions. If and when that happens, move any incomplete tasks to the next day when you wake up, or just let them go for another time.
  3. UniverseWrite a meaningful request, and a note of gratitude to an entity of your choice. I choose “the Universe”. You might choose Jesus, Buddah, God etc.
  4. Success Log At the last half hour before bed, take a 3-4 minutes to jot down 5 successes you accomplished that day. Some days, you may have to dig to find things, some days you may have an abundance of successes to choose from. We all have good and bad days. Regardless, every day has at least 5 successes. Acknowledge these so you can gain momentum, and live each day shooting for success. 


There are some days when you WON’T feel like doing this. It’s so much easier to just turn on an iPhone and mindlessly scroll through facebook in the morning, or watch some nonsense on the television. But the more you do this, the stronger your “focus” muscles will get.

You’ll also be rewarded by the big and small accomplishments that come from these 15 minutes. 

I’m so excited to hear all about your successes.

Now go paint something beautiful on your life canvas! 😀


P.S. Don’t forget to add any comments in the “comment” section below! I love hearing from you.

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