THE PERFECT WORKOUT PLAN! — For Fat Loss & Healthy Hormones

Workout plans aren’t magic voodoo that only “experts” know how to design. In fact, the best expert when it comes to creating your own workout is YOU. You are the one living in your body 24/7!

People have been led to believe that there is some secret combination of workouts you need to do every week to see progress. And while this may be true for elite level olympians, or advanced athletes, for most people there is no best way split up your week. Instead of blindly following a prescription in a magazine (although that’s fine if it gets you moving), I hope that today you’ll learn to get in tune with your body.

Types of Training

In general, there are four main types of training:

  • Strength
  • Cardio/agility
  • Flexibility
  • Recovery

All four of these are equally important, and they all complement each other. 

Throughout your week, try to incorporate one or two from each category. Don’t make the mistake of sticking to one training modality, like running every day. Doing the same type of stimulus for your body puts you at risk of injury, and stagnates your progress. Your body will change much faster, and have better overall balance if you incorporate a little from all of these stimuli.

Here’s a snapshot of my workouts last week to give you an idea of how I spread out all of these different categories throughout my week.


My goal is to reduce my bodyfat a little, and for me, that means doing approximately three weight training days, two or three cardio/HIIT days, a yoga day, and then some kind of fun exercise on the weekend.


Zones refer to how intensely you’re working during exercise. We should look at exercise as a form of medicine, and consider what type of “medicine” we need on any given day.


You can take any exercise and make it a Zone 1,2,3 or 4. For example, you can do a very gentle bodyweight squat at a slow pace to make it Zone 1. Or you could do a very heavy squat that you can only do for eight reps, making it a Zone 4 exercise.

Zone 1 is great for the days you’re very tired, sore, or just want to relax.

Zone 2 is great to get you out of a funk, get your lymph system pumping a bit, but not put too much stress on the body

Zone 3 is ideal for days when you’re feeling well rested, fresh, or you want a mental and physical challenge to wake you up!

Zone 4 is perfect for building mental grit, self confidence, and making big changes in your body. It’s also a good place to get out your frustrations, and take advantage of pent up energy!

Don’t train in Zone 3 or 4 if you’re exhausted. Zone 3 & 4 are for days when you can pay attention to what you’re doing, use good form, and get clean repetitions in your workout.

If you’re tired, honor your body and let it recharge. Give it a healing Zone 1 or 2 session.

General Guidelines

If you’re trying to change your body composition (i.e., slim down your waist, look more toned, etc.), weight training will be your best friend.

Instead of standard, long, low and slow cardio, go with High Intensity Interval Training or Tabata instead. HIIT and Tabata increase your metabolism for hours after you workout.

  • Three weight training days a week are plenty to start seeing major changes.
  • Two or three HIIT sessions a weeks will increase progress even faster, and make you feel great
  • At least one flexibility/mobility session a week will prevent injury, and help your body recover
  • All workouts MUST be earned with adequate rest and recovery. Get to sleep on time, meditate, chill, laugh, play and have fun.

Thank you for spending this time with me! If you want to sky rocket your progress, check out My Fat Loss Program.


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