Treasure Hunt & The Spoils

I went on a treasure hunt today. Gold wasn’t involved in this particular hunt, but something MUCH better. Food. I went hunting for special food treasures, and came up with some awesomely unusual gems.

Before I show you the spoils of my little hunt, I should reveal that this type of grocery shopping isn’t really typical for me.
Usually I have a fairly standard list of things that I stick to whenever I go shopping…OK, it’s not a written list, but I’ve grown so accustomed to buying the STAPLE items I need, that a written list just isn’t necessary.

**Oh and BTW, if you want to see the Lean Grocery List, you can get it along with the rest of the Lean Secrets Weight loss Program HERE!  **

Sometimes, though, I follow my heart (which seems to reside in my stomach), and indulge in what some may consider ” food oddities”. In order for a food to pass as a “treasure”, it must posses at least three of the following qualities:

-Be healthy and natural
-A food I don’t eat all the time
-A  food that makes me say “Holy CRAP, I forgot how much I love this!”
-Be unusual in the eyes of many…If I tell my friends about it, and they raise an eyebrow or cringe in disgust, then it is a treasure.
-Something I haven’t heard of.

So, here are the four treasures I got today (along with the usual lean stuff)

Treasure Numero Uno

Pistachio Butter!

Before today, I had never tried pistachio butter. The flavor is very delicious! MUCH better than peanut or almond butter.
And the only ingredient in this pistachio butter is….PISTACHIOS! No oils, salts, sugars, preservatives or anything beyond delicious little hunks of pistachio meats that have been pulverized for my spreading satisfaction.

 Treasure number 2

Juicy Little Kumquats

I’ve always loved kumquats, but I haven’t eaten them since April. I forgot all about these little cuties, and their juicy tartness. If you’ve never eaten one before, you MUST try them. FYI Kumquats should be eaten with the skin on. Just pop em’ in your mouth and enjoy the ride 🙂

Treasure Number 3

Jicama (pronounced Hick-a-mah)

I’ve known about jicama for quite some time, but  have never tried it
I saw a jicama salad recipe on wttw (don’t judge), and it looked so fresh and healthy! Apparently, jicama is a cross between an apple and a potato. hmmmm. Should be interesting.

And LAST but not least…

Zesty Kale Chips, Nacho Cheese Flavor. Basically, these are dehydrated kale with nutritional yeast and spices. They actually taste pretty good, but they should be called kale FLAKES, because there were no actual chips in the entire bag.

Those are the special goodies I got…now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a bowl of kumquats calling my name.

Peace out and Lean Out 🙂

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