Your Body Is Calling…Pick Up The Phone Already!

Women are at war. More now than ever before. We are fighting with our bodies; punishing them, ignoring them, stuffing & starving them, low carbing them, running them on empty.

“Take THAT, body” is the general attitude and mood of so many women today. It’s getting ugly out there. It’s a battle that only other women can understand.

We feel the need to fight for the abs. Fight for the perfect legs. Fight for the tighter and higher. Then chase it all with some advil to quiet the cries of frustration from our bodies.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to live in a beautiful body. But when you create an enemy out of the gift that is your flesh & bones, you will never attain full, optimal health. Ever.

I’m not just talking about the workout fanatics & carb-starved people either. I’m talking about anyone who doesn’t wake up in the morning full of mental and physical energy. I’m talking about anyone who doesn’t truly listen to her body….

I’m talking about anyone who continues to eat the Cheerios even though they ALWAYS make you hungrier. “But the commercials say it lowers cholesterol”. Well, your body may be telling you otherwise. So listen to it.

I’m talking about anyone who endures seven days of intense exercise, spin classes, treadmills, and any other grueling exercise without resting. That pain in your knee and the chronic fatigue you feel is your body begging for a day off. In fact, your body is feeling punished. It wanted me to tell you “I need a day off. Sometimes a few of them. Can you just back off and be cool? Let’s be friends. Thanks.”

Fast food lovers, I know the cheeseburgers taste amazing. But if you listen closely, your body is politely asking you to knock it off. Ok, maybe the gas and bloating is not so polite…but your body wanted me to tell you it’s running out of options, and places to store those toxins.

Whether you believe in God, Spirit, the Universe, or Science, your body is a gift. It is a temple. A talking, living, breathing temple. You can connect with it at any time. Here’s how:

1. Be Quiet. Shut off the television, facebook, phone, and internet when you eat. Go on quiet walks in the morning or at night to reflect on your day, and be grateful for everyone who crossed your path. Shut off your cell phone for a few hours and go for a hike. Basically, just be quiet. It’s amazing how strong the body-mind connection becomes without the buzzing & babble of the outside world.

2. Be Loving. Treat your body like the good friend it is. Love it. It’s the only one you have. When it tries to tell you something, don’t ignore it. That’s rude. When it makes you feel great, appreciate it. When it’s thirsty, be a good host and give it a tall glass of ice water.

3. Be Honest. When you’re hungry, be honest. What is your BODY hungry for? Don’t lie to yourself and give in to what your ego wants. Your ego may want a McBroil, but your body doesn’t ever want that stuff. Stay true to what your body really, truly wants and you can’t go wrong. If you’re not sure, refer back to the “Be Quiet” rule, and connect with your body.

Those three rules can transform the war you’re having with your body into a love fest. We can also call this the path of least resistance. When your body feels “loved” it will love you back with optimal health and wellness.

On a personal note: I am very guilty of not taking enough time off. I noticed that the wear and tear was getting to me. When I finally took a moment to listen to my body, I realized that some weeks I needed two full days of rest. When I started resting more, my body became leaner & stronger, and a feeling of inner peace washed over me! My appetite was lower, my body wasn’t as “cranky”, and I was no longer obligated to six workouts per week. Win-Win.

Wishing you wellness, strength, & inner peace,

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