Your Weight Loss Contract…Sign Here!

From the moment I began my journey in the fitness industry, I’ve learned so much about people. Some people succeed at weight loss, and some struggle with it their entire lives. At first, having a client give up on his or her diet and sessions was a major source of frustration for me. I could not, for the life of me, understand why some people didn’t just “follow the program” . And there are no words to describe how badly I want each and every person I meet to succeed, sometimes even more than they want it themselves…..AAhhhhh HA! Light Bulb. Ding, Ding, Ding!

People can NOT achieve any type of long term weight loss goal if it isn’t a priority, commitment, and if they’re not truly ready for it. You may be saying, “Oh, I’m soooo ready to get this fat off of me Brenda! I want it off ASAP”….well, of course you want to look and feel healthy. Who doesn’t? But you’ve got to lay the mental foundation first, and decide RIGHT NOW that this is a commitment…a marriage to health, if you will. There will be good days, and maybe some bad days. But no matter what, you need to decide to be in a committed relationship with your healthy lifestyle. Commitment is the ONLY way. Please re-read that last sentence. A few times if you must.

So, I’m going to do my part in helping you commit to your health goals, and I’m going to ask you to sign this binding contract with the universe. This contract is non-negotiable, serious, and permanent. Once you sign this commitment contract, there is no turning back. Once the ink touches the paper, you will be bound to live your best life, and feed your body only the healthiest foods. You will live in accordance to this contract, and stay committed to fulfilling your end of the contract for the entirety of your life. And this contract is mutual. If you do your part, the universe & your body will fulfill the other half, and reward you with health, radiance, energy, confidence, and added years of life to spend on this planet.

Take some time to read this contract out loud, print it, sign it, frame it, and hang it somewhere you will see it every day. The power of committment can not be overstated. Commit to your health from this point forward, and you’ll end up exactly where you want to be. And that is a promise 🙂

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